The Process for achieving your dream design on your gun is not as hard as it may seem.

The first step is to determine what you would really like from the process.
Is your goal to prevent the gun from being scratched and rusted, to make it match a fun theme or design, to just look cool, or all of these?

Pictures of other projects can be your best friend as we learn about your ideas and we will work hard to match the inspiration and design that you have developed.

The Cerakote – H Series offers unmatched corrosion resistance, chemical and durability performance. Most importantly H series offers a unique ceramic-polymer technology that imparts both flexibility and excellent physical performance when used on firearms. It has over 100 colors to choose from we can work with a wide variety of patterns. H Series is the choice for tight tolerance applications.

Once you have determined the color and design of your Cerakote project, please complete ‘Custom Request Form’ and let’s get your project moving!

Camo Cerakote Coating

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To start your project, fill out our Custom Request Form!

Note: We are in process of obtaining Class 7 Manufacturing portion of our FFL allowing us to do contract work in the future.

Cerakote colors H series

Worn Battle Flag Cerakote coating

Cerakote Process

Curious about the process involved with coating your gun? In short, the process includes:

  1. Degreasing & cleaning the part(s) to prepare for being baked at high temps.
  2. Bead blast parts.
  3. Based on the design you choose parts are then sprayed with the coating.
  4. After it tacks out it is baked & cured.
  5. Reassemble to gun and hit the range.
Cerakote Process - Step 1
Cerakote Process - Step 2
Cerakote camo process
Cerakote camo process final

"One shot. One Kill. Ready to die, but never will."