Banquets and Auctions

Younger Gunworks is a proud member of the Le Center, MN community, the national Veteran community and the shooting community at large. We are happy to support various causes that further these areas.

Do you need an FFL Dealer to support your Banquet?

Contact us for details about how we can partner with you for a successful event.

Interested in having Younger Gunworks support your organization?

Let’s talk about what you are doing and how we may be able to help. Frequently, our most effective participation will come in the form of introductions or speaker recommendations.

Team Sponsorships

We love to partner with teams to help them perform at their very best. Our support may come in different forms including availability of products, discounted services or even introductions to national coaches or champs. If you are interested in having Younger Gunworks help your team move forward, let us know and we will see how we can best help.

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