We have a business model that allows us to offer high quality products at affordable prices.

Guns & Suppressors

You will see that we carry the between 20-80 guns in store and we are affiliated dealers with more than 20 different wholesalers and manufacturers. When you place your order on our website and it is processed, the firearm arrives at the shop within 2-3 shipping days.

We are a dealer for Silencer Shop and their customer service can take care of you through the entire NFA process. Before the ATF completes their end you will be notified to come to our shop, spend a few minutes at our kiosk completing finger prints and then the ATF will do the final paperwork and then we can hand over your suppressor. Check them out here.

Looking to purchase a firearm elsewhere and need a FFL to facilitate? We have you covered; we can walk you through the FFL transfer process – give us a call! Our transfer fee is $30.


MantisX is a data-driven approach to mastery. While attached to any firearm (pistol, rifle, or shotgun), it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve you aim.

How it works:
Attach the device to the accessory rail of any firearm (there are accessory rail adapters). Connect o your phone by installing the smartphone application and pair the device via Bluetooth (available for both android & IOS). Receive app-guided feedback – you collect data with every shot. Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time. 94% of shooters improve after using Mantisx for just 20 minutes. Improve your precision with real-time feedback & real-time results.

Watch a video here

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

We offer full firearm ultrasonic cleaning, including a post clean function check. Beyond the basic function check we offer an optional test fire, gun is fired three times at 15 yards for a pistol, 100 yards for rifles, with a paper target confirmation – ask us for details.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Custom Cerakote

Cerakote is the world’s strongest most durable firearms coating. It is a thin ceramic based coating that comes in many colors that is chemical and corrosion resistant and reduces friction between components. The coating is baked on to withstand many years of wear and tear.

Cerakote Taber Abrasion Test (ASTM D4060)
Cerakote Ceramic Coating Corrosion Test (ASTM B117)

When you head on over to the “Color My Gun” tab, you will be walked through the process of selecting and ordering a Cerakote coating for your gun.

Common Uses for applying Cerakote: Automotive, firearms, aerospace, knives, eye wear, consumer electronics, wearables, salt water applications and much more

For those not within driving distance weapons can be mailed to the shop (UPS/FedEx Adult Signature required).

Custom Cerakote

Custom Laser

Just like many people show a particular love by tattooing themselves, laser engraving is also a way to demonstrate that love on a firearm. The laser can embellish/decorate or add identification to your gun.  Gun engraving dates back to the 14th century when gunsmiths decorated barrels and other parts of a firearm, keep the tradition going by adding your artistic flare to your favorite or treasured firearm.

At Younger Gunworks, we offer several different types of Laser Services. Click here to view our Custom Laser Collection.

Laser Engraved Patch

Fiber Laser

Our Fiber Laser is designed to engrave and etch all kinds of metals and harder materials, we can even add colors to stainless steel. Everything from slides to receivers to dog tags, bottle openers, axes and even an occasional business card can be done by our team.

C02 Laser

The C02 laser is great for organic materials. Signs, tumbler, hats, bags and other things for around your home or business. We can also cater our signs for special events like weddings, graduations, birth of a child, Christmas, funerals or other things.

When you start the process on the “Tattoo Your Gun” Laser tab, you will be walked through the process of selecting and ordering the type of laser engraving you have in mind for your gun.

For those not within driving distance weapons can be mailed to the shop (UPS/FedEx Adult Signature required).

In-House Services

Scopes & other Optics

Get a crisp clear image whether close- or long-range shooting when accessorizing your gun with a scope or reflex site. We will share what has proven to work well for us with items we carry in shop and help you find the one that meets your desires.

In-house Scopes & Optics

Mounting Scopes & other Optics

Wanting to ensure your scope or optic is mounted properly? It is an integral part of accurate shooting. Don’t have the patience or right tools to complete this technical and integral task? We have you covered!

Trigger Work

A cleaner, faster result when you pull the trigger. Reduce your pull weight. Less flinching. Ability to maintain solid sight alignment. Have us help you look at new trigger options to increase your accuracy.

Gunsmithing lite

YGWs offers Gunsmithing on the most common makes and models. While most Gunsmiths have spent years doing great work toiling away at a bench hidden in the far back of the store, our approach is different. We will look at the gun with you, discuss the approximate market value and potential repairs needed so you can decide your next step. Some guns should absolutely be repaired and restored. Other guns, like your grandfather’s black powder shotgun, are at the point where they should just be cherished and not subjected to the rigors of an annual wintry waterfowl hunt. Either way, let’s have a conversation and see what makes sense.

We do not currently have a CNC or lathe on our shop floor and we are evaluating the need for this equipment.


Be sure to check out our steezy tee’s & hats!

Customized Solutions

If you want to get the team at YGW excited, bring them a new challenge. Maybe you want a new rifle to shoot an invasive varmint that is taking over your garden, perhaps you have won a ticket to hunt Elk in a western state or maybe, you just want to have the same gun as John Wick and demonstrate your prowess at the local range. Whatever you are dreaming, we want to be part of it or we can help!

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